Reader’s Organised Nest – The Wardrobe

After almost 5 years of blogging about Organised Spaces, I am still constantly searching for inspiration on how to maintain an organised home.  It is easy to get caught up in the Pinterest and Instagram homes and their meticulously organised spaces. But there is still nothing better than seeing a “real” space, to motivate you to get organised and provide you with fresh ideas that have a realistic price tag and practicality in their perfection.

So without further adieu I would love to share an Organised Space of one of our readers.  Alicia’s Master Wardrobe caught my eye with its uniformity, dual purpose (dressing area as well as wardrobe) great storage options and it simple yet beautifully styled practicality.  She recently shared her space with me and how she made it happen.


Who uses this space?
As the main wardrobe for both myself and my husband I had always dreamed of something classy yet that still appeased my long suffering husband and his fears of when I go on an organisation bender. Cue disgruntled remarks, “Where are my undies now!” On that note I knew keeping it as simple as possible and yet still stylish was the key when organising this space.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.46.14 AM

Why did you choose this space to organise?
I’m a firm believer of ‘A place for everything and everything in its place’. Being a space that I visit frequently each day I knew that I wanted my wardrobe to be a place that made me feel good about myself every time I got dressed. So when I found myself having to wade through a sea of floor clothes to get dressed each morning I knew that it time to make some changes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.45.34 AM

How did you tackle it?
To tackle the problem head on the first thing I did was purge, purge, purge! I sorted through all of our clothes, keeping those we actually used and either donating or binning the rest (some rather holey ‘lucky’ shorts may have been smuggled out in the wheelie bin).

What products did you use? 
The bones of the closet were created using the Bunning’s Clever Closet system. This was originally purchased as a cheap alternative with dreams of custom cabinetry for the long term however I have fallen in love with the simple elegance of the system (and also the price tag – the whole set up cost only approximately $200). I created specific zones for both mine and my husband’s clothes to make it as functional as possible. The system is completely customisable enabling me to take full use of just one wall of hanging space.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.46.14 AM

The white chest of drawers were a previously owned item but I kept with the crisp white colour pattern to make the space feel bright and clean. The white baskets were an awesome find from Woolworths – I seriously have about twenty of these babies all over my house. They come in white or black and two sizes. I used these to store all of our less commonly used clothes like jumpers and my husband’s insanely large football hat collection out of sight.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.54.34 AM

The dark stain timber coat hangers were my splurge item, however to ease the cost I slowly built up a supply over several months. They were from Howards Storage at $32.95 for a pack of 18. But any matching hanger will create the same effect and make the space feel more put together.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 11.45.48 AM

Any tips or tricks?
I love how by just making everything uniform a space can really feel finished and together. By just having the same repeating white basket and matching hangers it creates a feel of harmony.
How is the end product working for you now?
I absolutely love this wardrobe now! My hearts sings a happy little organised song every time I glance it! And no more cries of lost undies from the hubby to date!

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 6.18.57 AM

Thanks so much to Alicia for sharing her space with us.

 and check out her Pantry!

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Have you got an organised space you would love to share?  We would love to see it!  Email

The Organised Wardrobe ~ Some “Pinspiration”

 As the sorting, culling and crying comes to an end, I am ready to start organising the clothes that do fit the kids.   I am lucky enough to have both shelves and hanging space in their wardrobes.  But I could always do with some pinspiration as to how to keep the space ORGANISED!

This looks very similar to the ELFA storage system from Howards storage world. Such a clever personalised storage system.  Love those clear drawer and itsy bitsy hanging racks!

Those gorgeous baskets would be great for underwear, socks, singlets, hats, togs…you know those small items that always look messy?

This is an easy one to imitate as I have seen this exact unit at IKEA!  Its great because once again it makes use of the space under hanging clothes by using drawers and baskets.  It could also be used in a room that does not have a built in wardrobe!

This is very inxpensive and yet very effective way to organise a wardrobe, especially for a little one and if you don’t have drawers.

Two siblings in one room?  This would be perfect!  It even has a spot for shoes!

Why should the kids have all the fun, oops I mean organised wardrobe space.  Totally unrealistic but worth a dream and drool. 

What’s the purpose of all this “pinspiration”?  Most of these set ups are unrealistic ad expensive but they offer some great ideas.  Heres what I am taking form these pictures.

1.  Use the space under childrens hanging clothes.  Childrens clothes are short and this leaves a lot of space under clothes, a great spot for some drawers, baskets or even adding another clothes rail.

2.  Little items are best stored in baskets or containers.

3.  Some items are best stored on shelves, if you don’t have shelves the hanging organisers are perfect.

4.  Coathangers of the same colour make the wardrobe look less cluttered.  As does a huge cull of what your children wear!  None of these wardrobes are overflowing with clothes!

5.  Neatly folded clothes costs you nothing and looks amazingly neat and tidy.

So now I need baskets, coathangers, neatly folded clothes and a few hours of uninterrupted time.  Not quite sure how that last will happen with my Pigeon Pair around!  Stay tuned!

To see  my board of  “wardrobe” pins go to. 

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The sorting, the culling, the crying…Things I know about old kids clothes.

This week I took on the enivitable and finally unavoidable task of going through the mountains of baby clothes.  It has become unavoidable as I am sure there is something growing or perhaps even living and multiplying under the evergrowing masses of outgrown and out worn clothes.  Did it happen over night?  While we are safe in bed asleep, does it multiply and mock me?

I dont know, but this I do know……

I know that the problem will not just go away. I can not just bury my head in the clothes and pretend they are not there. I need to just tackle it.  Not tommorrow, not on the weekend but today, now, before I procrastinate yet again.  In the blink of an eye, I am sure I will be facing a pile of clothes that are appropriate (or maybe not appropriate) for teenagers.

I know that there will be tears.  Tears associated with memories.  Tears of reminiscence.  Tears of disbelief that my two children were ever that small.  Tears of shame that I let the problem get so huge, that I am loosing sleep over it.

I know that they are just clothes.  Well sort of.  They are not the memory.  They are just fabric and fibre.  Throwing them away or giving them away does not get rid of the memory.  I am making room in our wardrobes, in our lives, in my mind.

I know that my children have way tooo much “stuff”.  Clothes included.  My new mantra.  One item in, one item out.  Think of it as a perfect excuse to go shopping.

I know that sorting into piles makes the job seem less overwhelming. One to donate, One for friends, One to toss, One to keep.  Having all the right tools like some great clear plastic storage containers that are labelled according to size, will help encourage me to get the job done.

I know I am not the first mother to face this dillemma and that I have a flock of mothers behind me assisting me with there “been there done that” support and words of wisdom…

I kept 2 of my favourite baby outfits for each of my children and I gave the rest to good will and friends that I know that are having children. (I just cleaned out my kids cupboards last week). It was hard to get rid of them. I actually played dress ups and put my 11 week old girl in her cutest 0000 clothes one last time and took pics of her wearing them.  ~ Clare

I’ve given our old baby clothes to friends… it’s always nice to see your friend’s children wearing the outfits your children used to wear. I also give alot to charity too which always makes me feel good and that I’m helping others out. In terms of storage I just use those plastic see through containers. ~ Lisa

I only keep the absolute must haves, which for me are things like denims, so denim shorts or jeans, they really don’t go out of fashion, especially if the kiddies are fairly close in age.  Things like their first pair of shoes, the outfit they wore home from hospital and the outfit they wore for their 1st birthdays are a must keep too for me. Oh and their Christening/Naming outfit.  I had to learn to be ruthless, we just don’t have the storage capacity, and now I tell myself that clothes are so cheap anyway (depending on where you shop) but yes, ruthless is my keyword. ~ Vicki

I just let myself keep the ‘special ones’. I find just donating a little at a time helped me. ~ Bindi

If you are keeping things for future kids etc, print some size labels off on the computer and stick to the inside of a plastic tub – add a fabric softener sheet to keep them smelling fresh. If you are not having any more kids/keeping for hand-me-downs etc, keep a few special outfits from each size, and then donate the rest! they are just clothes, your memories will still remain! ~ Leona

I know that I have made a start.  The further I got into the job the more overwhelming it became.  I know that this just made me ruthless.  The bags to throw and donate got bigger and the bag to keep got smaller.

I know that I am not finished and in fact I never will be.  From now on this will be a seasonal process.  End of season wardrobe culls will become a family affair.  

I know I want to teach my children the joy of giving.  Especially to those less fortunate then us.  I want to teach them to sacrifice items that they think they “love” to people who truly “need” them.

I know that it’s not just about me sorting the clothes.  There is always a lesson, (afterall I am a teacher) I want to teach them (and me) the feeling of  letting go, of living with less and in return they will make room, not just for new clothes, but new thoughts, opportunities, ideas and an appreciation of all that we are so lucky to have.

  Thank you so much for all your support on FB as I faced this task, it truly motivated me!!