Winter Health Tips for Mums and Bubs

This morning we woke to temperatures of 1 degree! This cold weather fills me with fear, as it signals not only the start of winter, but of “flu season.”  With three little kids and two parents that need to go to work, we are desperate to stay as well as possible this winter.  Over the years of coping with a million germs brought to me lovingly by a class full of children, I have learnt a few tips and tricks to survive winter.

“The Flu Shot:” A few years ago both of our workplaces introduced on site flu shots. I was pregnant with Little Miss A at the time and was a little hesitant to get it.  After consulting my GP I was pleasantly surprised to not only find was it completely safe for pregnant women but recommended! A perfect way to not only protect myself but my little ones.  Many workplaces now offer the flu shot with a visiting nurse or you can ask your GP.

Healthy Hands: As a family, we spend a lot of our time out and about at playgrounds, shopping centres and theme parks.  I always keep some hand sanitiser handy to help keep those germs away.  We keep a pump pack in the house for the kids to use after they have blown their noses and I encourage the kids to wash their hands with soap and water after they cough and sneeze.  This is to help stop spreading the germs to the baby and I always keep a small hand sanitizer in my bag.

Tissues and wipes: Speaking of runny noses…….you can never have too many tissues!  I keep a little pack in the kid’s bags, a few in the car, a few in my handbag and a whole heap of boxes in the house.  But when little noses have been blown too many times and are red raw I find a baby wipe is a little harsh whilst still doing the job.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.58.45 PM

You are what you eat! During winter in particular I keep a close eye on what we are eating.  I try to boost veggies and fruits wherever I can by adding them to smoothies, making up a big veggie mash, sneaking them into lasagna or bolognese sauce, and even into the chocolate muffins (zucchini is a great match!)

H20 to go: I am a horrible water drinker!  Especially in winter when I am sweating less, I often get to the end of the day and realise I have not had any water at all!  I keep a drink bottle with me and try to refill it, at least once, but eight glasses a day will keep you in tip top shape for winter

Sunny Days: This cold weather has me seeking some warmth in the sun and I find I spend more time outdoors as I can actually enjoy the weather (and not sweat off half my body weight!)  We love to get out a picnic rug, enjoy lunch outside in the sun and fill up on some Vitamin D, which is great for boosting immunity. (But don’t forget to still slip, slop, slap)

Exercise: When I am feeling lousy there is nothing like a walk in the fresh air to get me out of a slump.  I throw the baby in the pram and we head down to the lake to run around the playground.  Keeping active in small everyday ways is hopefully burning off some of those winter hot chocolates and keeping your body in fighting condition if any winter nasties come your way.


I find the easiest way to keep up with these habits is to stay organised and create a little “Winter station” on the kitchen bench with tissues, water, hand sanitizer and some fresh fruit and veggie snacks, ready for the kids when they are hungry.

By implementing these simple but effective habits our household feels prepared to face our healthiest winter yet.

The NSW Health website also offers great flu prevention advice HERE

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Organising For Winter

The temperature here has dropped. By dropped, I mean dived head fist into the single digits.  In the space of  one week we have gone from having the fan on to digging out the blankets.  As the seasons change so does our home.  Different spaces need adapting, organising and replenishing.

When Organising for Winter I start with…..


Target - Dotty Flannelette Sheet Set

Blankety Beds.  I have two sets of bedding for the kids bedrooms.  Winter and Summer.  For Winter I replace their cotton fitted and top sheets with cozy flanellete.  As I went to do this I realised this would be the first Winter Miss A was not in a cot!  So I purchased these great basic flanellete sheet sets for her bed.  For now I am leaving their coverlets on the bed and adding a thicker blanket on top.  By July I know I will have to get out the thicker quilt covers.

Target - 2 Pk of Holeproof Socks.

Building On the Basics.  This is a great time to restock the kids wardrobes with the basics.  It has been a year since we have needed so many singlets and socks and in that time My Pigeon Pair have GROWN! For Master O I stock up on plain white singlets. These are great for under school uniforms. Little Miss A I can get a little fancier and get a range of white, pink, purple.  I also restock their sock collection.  I find multipacks offer the next value for money and I like to buy at least 5 pairs of socks each.  Socks are a one wear item, take longer to dry and get extra filthy, hence needing 5 pairs! This time of year I also buy the kids a pair of new slippers each.  To help extend the wrdrobe budget I also grab a few plain long sleeved shirts for layering.  They can be worn under a summer pinafore dress, with a summer skirt or under a t-shirt, to give the summer wardrobes a little stretch into winter. With all of these new items coming into bedrooms it also important to cull the old!

15 L Storage Container - Target

Storage. Starting with the socks and singlets I sort, cull and store.  Any socks that are too small, I donate.  Any that are small but I think I could pass on to friends later, I store. I try to do this before buying anything new.  It’s amazing to find that you have items that you had bought, not used and forgotten about! Unfortunately having a “pigeon pair” means that there is rarely anything to pass down, within our family! I also use this time to put cull, sort and store the past seasons clothes.  Little Miss A actually had a whole contianer of clothes that I am sure will still fit this next summer!  I simply took them out of her wardrobe and put them into a storage container. I labelled it with it’s sizes and season e.g Summer Size 3-4.  

Vacuum bags are great for long term storage. Like the clothes that are too small to wear but to good to throw.  But for clothes that we may need occasionally during the current season I like to use a plastic storage container. My trick is to buy a storage container smaller than I think I will need!  It forces me to be more brutal with my culling and is easier to fit and lift on top of the wardrobes.  I like the 15L ones from Target as they are sturdy, clear (not smokey) and have great lids.  They are also only $7!!!

The bedrooms are now “Winterfied”with freshly made winter beds, to cosy up into on a cool night.  Now if anyone knows how to keep “My Pigeon Pair” in their own cosy beds and out of mine let me know! 

This is a SPONSORED POST.  I was paid by Target to give my own opinion and advice on Organising for Winter. 


Wrapping Up A Winter Wardrobe with Target

The rainy days and morning chill are starting to creep in.   I have spent the school holidays decluttering My Pigeon Pairs wardrobe in preparation for the onslaught of jumpers, tracksuits and jeans.  Master O faired much better than Little Miss A. He still has a few collared long sleeve shirts that will see him through another winter and a great all weather jacket.  Little Miss A however has outgrown almost everything!  

Like any shopping trip I prepare, prepare, prepare.  To be honest, Target has always been my first top for kids clothes.   I love the way they release Kids Clothing in “stories”.  By matching outfits within a particular “story” I know that I will get many versatile mix and match outfits! Plus it is always reasonably priced and good quality.  By coordinating a selection of mix and match outfits I can stretch my fashion dollar further!

The number of mix and match outifts here are amazing!

1. Girls Mix And Match Impatiens Top $11.20 2. Girls Mix and Match Navy Floral Tee $11.20 3. Girls Cut and Sew Cardigan $10 4. Girls Cotton Rib Top – $5 5. Girls 5 Pocket Skinny Coloured Jean – $14  6. Parisian Hearts Story Stretch Jean – $11.88 7. Girls Flower Trim Beret – $10 8. Lily Infant Ballet Flats – $10 

1 and 5

2 and 5

3, 4 and 5

1 and 6

 2 and 6

 3 and 6

4 and 6

3,4 and 6

5, 2 and 3

1,3 and 6

1,3 and 5

Yep that is what you call versatility! Pair them with a neutral pair of shoes like white, silver or gold and a cute beanie and you even have accessories covered.

 So thats over 10 complete outfits for $82!  


for Childrens Winter Wardrobes

1. Layers – Long sleeved shirts under dresses, tights under skirts, cardigans on the top.  This will not only have you prepared for any weather situation but also extend thier summer wardrobe into the cilly months.

2. Colour Pallete.  Choose items with complimentary colour pallets.  This Pink, Mint and Navy combo allows maximum mix and match opportunities.

3. Neutral Accessories.  Invest in a good pair or two of neutral flats and boots.  This will see them through the whole of winter.  Match them with a cute scarf or beanie for the coldest of days.

4. Buy Them Big.  I try to buy kids winter clothes slightly bigger than usual.  This gives them room for all those layers underneath and may even help see them through more than one winter. 

5. Quality and Versatility.  Look for good quality clothes that have been tried and tested.  Hunt out outfits that can be dressed up or down for a variety of occasions.

So are you ready for Winter?  Have any of your own Winter Wardrobe Tips?  

This is a sponsored post as part of the Target Blog Hub.  I have been compensated for my time and these great outfits but all opinions are my own. All prices are correct at the time of posting but Target is always having amazing sales so check it out for yourself!